Movies Trailer

SHADOW OF PAST အတိတ္၏အရိပ္

Theatrical Trailer. ‘Shadows of the Past’ is a Myanmar mystery thriller starring Aung Thura and Eindra Kyaw Zin and directed by Sin Yaw Mg Mg. The movie premiered on February 5, 2010 in cinemas in Yangon and Mandalay.

Crossing Salween – Short Film Trailer

In Karen State, Eastern Burma, 9 year old Ko Reh finds herself orphaned after the massacre of her village by the Burmese army. Befriending a mysterious hunter named Dante, who made a promise to her father’s soul that he would take her to safety, Ko Reh and Dante make the perilous journey across her troubled homeland in search of freedom beyond the Salween River.

Directed by Brian O’Malley
Produced by Gary Moore
Written by Brian O’Malley Based on the short story ‘Ko Reh’ by Gary Moore
Director of Photography Richard Kendrick
Edited by Tony C Kearns
Music by Steve Lynch
Post Production by Windmill Lane Pictures
Sound Post Production by Number 4
Production Services Thailand by Living Films

Ronnachai Mai Wijitto
Thanawut Dum Kedsaro
Danai Tung Thiengtham.

Crossing Salween was shot entirely on location in Thailand in April 2010 and was funded by the Irish Film Board as part of the Signatures scheme.


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